06/05/2012 Supermoon phenomenon

Captured 06/05/2012 Brighest moon or Supermoon phenomenon ,where moon closest to Earth :)

B bytes KB kilobytes MB megabytes GB gigabytes TB terabytes converter calculator

Convert bytes (B) to kilobytes (KB) to megabytes (MB) to gigabytes (GB) to Terabytes (TB)

Have you ever been confused about the number of kilobytes in a megabyte, or in a gigabyte or vice-versa? Now you can convert among bytes and kilobytes and megabytes and gigabytes and terabytes with ease.
Byte Kilobyte Megabyte Gigabyte Terabyte
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Technical note:  These terms are those used most commonly and is the binary system, and you can be comfortable using it.   The binary system is a base 2 system in which a bit is a binary digit, either a 1 or a 0, and a byte equals 8 bits.  There is also a decimal (or "denary") system, in which a kilobyte = 1,000 bytes instead of 1024 bytes, and they say it is a kibibyte that equals 1024 bytes.  They also use the terms gibibytes (GiB), Mebibytes (MiB), and Tebibytes (TiB).    This is the system of the International System of Units (SI).  The binary system is a base 2 system used by operating system makers such as Microsoft and Apple and also is used on CD-ROMs and flash drives; the decimal system is a base 10 system, used by makers of hard drives and DVDs.  There also is an octal number system (base 8) and a hexadecimal system which is a base 16 system. The latter two are used by computer programmers, and are popular because they make it convenient to abbreviate binary numbers which can get to be quite long.