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It's clear that Mozilla likes what Google has done with the web browser. Chief among their plans for Firefox 4, which they hope to release later this year, are a focus on improving performance and creating a new tabbed interface that resembles Google Chrome.

Firefox 4 will bring a number of new features, including support for Direct2D, compatibility with multitouch and a 64-bit version. But the biggest focus will be on speed. One reason why many people have switched from Firefox, which is easily one of the most powerful browsers, to Google Chrome, which is playing catch-up in the feature department, is the pure speed of Google's web browser.

Over the past few years, Firefox has become packed with really cool features, especially in the plug-in department. And as often happens, the added bloat has detracted from overall performance. So, instead of people switching from Microsoft's Internet Explorer (IE) to Mozilla's Firefox to see big boost in speed, people are switching from IE and Firefox to Chrome.

In an effort to get back to its roots, Firefox will shine the spotlight on both true performance and perceived performance, such as modifying the order in which web page elements load. Add in the speed increase that a 64-bit version will bring and Firefox 4 should be a breath of fresh air.

But the biggest visible change 
-- and likely the one that will have Firefox users chatting 
-- will be to the interface itself. 

Firefox 4 will move the tabs above the address bar ala Google Chrome. It will also do away with the standard menu bar (File, Edit, View, etc.) in favor of a Firefox button with a drop down menu, another feature taken from Chrome.

And, of course, there will be a lot of HTML 5 goodies, including support for Scalable Vector Graphics. There's also hopes to include support for WebGL, but that feature could find itself on the cutting room floor in order to bring the browser in on time.

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