Visual Tutoroial -Try Linux over Windows

Visual Tutorial -Learning Linux over Windows
In the tutorial below I’ll walk you through setting up Ubuntu on Windows inside a virtual machine.
0.First we need to download the free VMware player [ HERE ]
Before you start installing the VMWare player you probably want to start the Linus ISO download.
If you already have an Ubuntu CD, you can use that, but the VMWare Player let’s us create a VM instance from an .iso file on disk which is much faster than reading from a CD / DVD drive. So we can just download an .iso file and not bother burning the image to a physical disk.
Go to Ubuntu on line and download the .iso that yo want (I’ll grab the 32 bit version) [ Get it HERE ]
 2.While that is downloading, go ahead and run the VMWare installer that you downloaded. Accept the default install options and, if you are prompted for permissions, say yes. When you’re done, double click on the VMWare Player icon .